You will need to install two pieces of software on your computer for these lessons: R and RStudio. Installation for R may vary by your operating system; follow the instructions below for your OS. Some lessons also include a small amount of work in a spreadsheet environment like Microsoft Excel® or LibreOffice Calc. If you do not have spreadsheet software, you can download LibreOffice Calc for free (either the "fresh" or "still" versions will work).

If you have questions about installation, or run into problems, please feel free to e-mail me at



Install R by downloading and running the exe file: R Windows Installer.


For Mac OSX, release 10.6 and above, install R by downloading and running the pkg file: Mac OSX package.

For earlier releases of Mac OS, see details on installing older versions of R.


Download the binary files for your Linux distribution from CRAN. Alternatively, you can use your package manager to install R (e.g. for Debian/Ubuntu, run sudo apt-get install r-base and for Fedora run sudo yum install R).


Download and install RStudio.